Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's bacon:30

So I'm hanging out at my little brothers pad and our typical discussion came up. Food. More specifically, which food we are going to consume. It usually goes something like this.

Me: I'm hungry.
Marlo or Ben: We should eat.
Me: Yes. I agree.
Them: What are we going to eat?
Me: Chinese?
Them: Um. I'm not feeling chinese tonight.
Me: Ok. What do you want to eat?
Ben: Food.
Me: Well duh. But what kind of food?
Ben: The kind you eat.
Me: Grrrrr. I can't live like this. (I give him a look that says: You know better than to push me while I'm hungry I might snap!)

Last night however it went more like this.

Ben: Are you hungry?
Me: I could eat, but I'm not starving I had appetizers at the restaurant before I came over.
Ben: I'm not starving... yet.

A few minutes later...

Ben: Bacon.
Me: I approve.
Ben: Carrs then? (local grocery store)
Me: Yes.

At the store:
Ben: Microwavable bacon!
Me: Ew instant gratification bacon style. Oh yeah!
Me: Ew gross.
Ben: What?
Me: That fish, it looks like Brainz
Ben: Then it should be yummy.
Me: No it was like rotting stinking brainz, not fresh pink yummy brainz!
Ben: Oh.
(Little girl stares wide eyed then pulls cart in next aisle. I smile and her eyes relax and she smiles back.)
Me: I think I scared that little girl. Oops hehe.
Ben: I want salad but it doesn't really go with bacon.
Me: yes it does. everything goes with bacon.
Ben: You've convinced me.
Me: Wait I have to get sweets!
Ben: You are not aloud! And no more soda for you.
Me: Try and stop me! (Dancing around the store.)
Ben: You're a psycho.
Me: You really should be used to this by now!
Ben: (Ignoring my insanity and returning to thoughts of food.) What else?
Me: Cheese bread.
Ben: Check! (holding up sack of yummy cheese rolls)

At home.

Ben: Yummy bacon. (holding plate out to me but just out of reach to taunt me.)
Me: Gimme
Ben: Not till you put the sweet down and stop eating them.
Me: You can't make me!
Ben: (Eventually gives in and gives up the sweet manna that is bacon.)

This is likely the most pointless post ever. So I'll inform you of something at least. If you include the word Bacon in you twitter post a bot will reply to you with some bacon comment. Try it. It's worked every time I've done it. (it can take some time for it to show up but it will.)

That is my story. Anytime is a good time for bacon.


  1. It's true! bacon is good all day long :) I did get followed by a bot after our comments on #writerchat...weirdness

  2. I'm sad the Bacon bot is gone, he didn't reply to me at all but I did get the bacon follower. :)



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