Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Way I See the World

Recently I read a blog that talked about the ways you see people, and how they can sabotage your writing. The blogger started off by talking about ethnicity immediately. Then he listed out ways of seeing people that can sabotage your writing and I immediately thought to myself: This is not how I initially see people.

I know that we all have our unique view of life. That is awesome. It’s what makes the world interesting. Maybe I’m sharing a bit too much here, and you will all finally see just how off I really am. My brother keeps telling me I am. So maybe it’s true. You be the judge.

Last week while passing the smokers that litter the front of the bus station, I walked past a man who had a wide face with cheeks that sagged so low they formed pockets at his jaw line. He also had a long, swooping white mustache. From my description what would your first impression be?

My first impression was: That man looks like a catfish. And in my head he was a catfish. I filed him away for future use as a character because I’d never seen a catfish man before. In my head he has already taken on the characteristics of someone who is wise and has lived many lifetimes, maybe an oracle of sorts. We will see.

Back to my point. I do not see people as most would. I am grateful for the imagination God has granted me. My world is one of color and beauty where strangers get to be oracles, or the guards of monsters, with kind hearts who ease the suffering of the condemned.

Is this the world of all writers? Or am I one of the lucky few, who’s life sometimes feels more like one of those Clorox commercials than reality? (I’ve provided a link to one of the commercials, in case you’ve never seen one. They are awesome!)


  1. I recently did a blog post along the same lines over on my blog ("What Do You See?") Very interesting answers...

    By the way, I love your catfish man-- very nice description. :)

  2. Catfish man sounds like a lot of fun :)

    I tend to see people by their personalities rather than their appearance. I define them by expressions, body language, posture...

    Thank heavens for writers :)

  3. Thanks. I just checked out your post and I love that I'm not alone in seeing the world in a different light. Though I don't see the world in words, I just use them to try to show what I'm lucky enough to see. :)

  4. If you like the music from the video. You can purchase it on both Amazon and Itunes it's available through Blue Sky Project: A Clorox charity Collection. So you get awesome music and help a good cause. (It goes to help Music in School Today program)

  5. I file things away in my mind for use later all the time. And I've ALWAYS done that. I think that writing even when you're NOT actively writing is what really makes you a writer.

    And actually that's part of my bio on my published Schindler writes even when she's not writing....

    Keep it up. Mr. Catfish man will be a grand story to write.

    Karen :0)



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