Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weight Loss Experiment Update 1-23-10

I haven’t written an update because I haven’t had anything terribly good to report. And I still don’t. I have not been as gung ho as I would like. In fact I’ve kind of been anti gung ho. I’ve been failing miserably. No one ever wants to have to admit that to the world. But that is why I decided to do this. So I would have to report it, and be accountable. Eek.

Okay, so the first week I did almost nothing. In fact I drank soda almost every day which I normally don’t do so I went backwards, which I often do when I feel overwhelmed by something. I do the opposite of what I am supposed to be doing.

The second week though I did much better and I learned something, or maybe remembered something I already knew. Being prepared is the only way I’m going to succeed. I went to the store and bought fruit for all my normal snacks. I had ruby red grapefruit and banana’s for breakfast, oranges and apples for morning and afternoon snacks and Odwalla Superfood to help tide me over between everything. Also for protein I had either lunch meat or turkey jerky (which is very low in calories). Also I was prepared with pre-planned healthy lunches.

What I found with this is that I did not have cravings for my usual snacks. I did not over eat (at least during the day.) I failed at drinking as much water as I should have, but overall I did pretty decent. I didn’t work out though. So that is what I am tackling this coming week.

So the other thing I discovered, while sitting watching the Gilmore Girls on the SOAP network (which I never do, I rarely even watch TV and when I do it’s sci-fi or forensic type shows.) I discovered something sad and a bit disturbing. While watching an hour and a half of Gilmore Girls, every commercial was either a diet pill, or weight loss commercial other than the commercials for other Soaps that I would never watch.

I wasn’t even watching them, usually I ignored them in favor of updating Twitter or reading a blog, but they affected me none the less. At best they were a constant reminder that I’m dieting and not as happy as I would like to be with my body. At worst I could almost feel them chipping away at my self esteem bit by bit.

I was glad that when I actually do watch TV I usually watch channels that are geared more toward men. How sad is it that the channels for women are telling us we are fat and need to change ourselves? I wish there was something I could do to change that. Maybe if enough of us realize this and ask for change then something will change? Just a thought.


  1. Having a plan is so important and you've got one, so keep your spirits up! It takes time to see the changes you want, but stick with it-- it will happen.

    Perhaps you could treat your new routine as you would writing. Make everything from food choices to drink choices equivalent to a writing 'do' and 'don't'. Such as 'sodas are like adverbs', or 'chocolate cake is like overwriting', or ' snacking at night is like using poor word choices'.

    I know it sounds crazy, but you are a writer and you think like a writer, so maybe it will be easier if you treat it like writing.

    Oh, and here's one for exercising, 'A daily work out is like editing-- it's no fun, but it's worth fewer words (pounds) and makes the manuscript shine'.

    Okay, I've said too much... maybe I should do these things, too.

    Want a 'buddy' to write/workout with? :)

  2. The media can really hurt self-esteem and willpower. I find the diet ads alternate with the beer/fast food/junk food ads. Roller coaster ads!

    Give yourself credit for what you do well! Don't let the "I wish" stuff get you down. Celebrate the good stuff with treats: bubble bath, 30 min to read, nap, new shoes ... :)

    Good luck! Happiness is the key!

  3. I'd love a write/workout with. I love working out but the problem is finding time to work/write/spend time with fam and working out. I need to find a better balance, and a partner to help keep me more accountable would be awesome. :)

  4. Great! Let's be buddies! I'll drop you an e-mail and we can 'work out' out together. :)

  5. Interesting about the commercials. Maybe your plan would feel less overwhelming if you took one piece of it at a time. They say it takes 28 days to create a new habit. Just a thought. :)

  6. Thanks Elisabeth. I knew that about habits, but I hadn't stopped to think about how it might apply to my weight loss goals. :)



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