Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reset Button

Yesterday I was thinking about my life and how things haven’t quite gone the way I planned. A single line of lyrics came to mind. “I’m forgiving what I’ve done.” Pretty powerful line. How many of us can say that? We might ask forgiveness from those we’ve wronged, from the universe and from God but how often do we forgive ourselves?

Today while I was getting ready, the song the Lyric belongs to came on and it struck me. I believe sometimes the universe, or in my case since I believe in God, God gives you little hints to show you what you need. Often times we don’t even realize what the problem is and that is where these little hints come in so handy.

I didn’t realize the problem was me. I feel guilty for all the things that I feel like I can’t control so I either do nothing or I continue to do the things that are making me feel bad. But today armed with the little epiphany I received I’ve realized I need to forgive what I have done, then I can move on.

During this moment of clarity I also realized, every day is like a fresh, clean start. A reset button, if you will. Each day I can let go of my fears that I’ll never write another book as good as the one I recently finished. It wasn’t a fluke, I worked hard and though each new one will be different, if I work just as hard they will be amazing. And if not I get to try again with the next.

Also, I can keep my house clean, write, commute and work a full time job and find time for a life. I just need to accept that I can’t do it all every day but in bits and pieces. It’s far less overwhelming that way. And most importantly, if I make a mistake I just need to dust myself off and remember that somewhere in the night someone hits the reset button and tomorrow is a new chance to do it better.

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