Saturday, September 25, 2010


Power is not something we typically think about but rely on for every facet of our lives. Last night I found myself without power and it was an eye opening experience.

The area in Alaska that I live is known for violent wind storms which can topple trees, pummel houses, and relieve roofs of their shingles. With wind gusts strong enough to set semi trucks on their sides, trees and power lines don’t stand much chance.

The power company is very good about clearing trees and restoring power but on occasion, such as yesterday we have extended black outs.

The whole experience was unnerving but coming home to complete darkness was scary. I was lucky enough to have a small flashlight on my key chain to light my way through the house. I was luckier still to have a stock of candles to light the place.

This is where I come to my point. Even with a flashlight on me and the candles easily accessible, it was still disorienting and confusing. It took me a few minutes to adjust and realize what I needed to do, then find the candles and lighter.

It got me thinking about the other people in the area whose power was off. I wondered how many people were prepared. Do you have a flashlight and candles for sustained lighting? Do you have the things needed if the power should remain off for a day or more?

Living in Alaska we have unique challenges and emergency 72 hour survival kits aren’t odd to find in a person’s home or car. I have one in my home but it is hidden in a closet in a room that I use to store junk in. Having these things easily accessible is important if the time comes that you need them.

Are you prepared? Do you have a plan and the materials available should an emergency arise?

I know what you are thinking. “I could just go to the store.” If the power is out, the registers won’t be working. Even if they are, how long are they going to have what you need if everyone else is looking for the same thing?

Below is a link to – it has a list of things you’ll need but might never have thought of. Whether you are preparing for the Zombie apocalypse or just wanting to be prepared for a wind storm that might leave you in the dark longer than you hoped for, check it out. Being prepared shouldn’t only be for boy scouts and no one should have to remain in the dark.

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