Friday, May 27, 2011

Training - Week 1

Triathlon training schedule:

5/19/11 - Registered

5/20/11 - Was thinking a 5k was 3.5 miles so that's what I did it took me 63 minutes. I walked the first 30 minutes thinking I'd get my base pace till I remembered, duh the treadmill calculates pace for me. So then I alternated running and walking for the second half. (I'm really short, just under 5 foot so don't laugh. I take 3 steps for every one step most people take) Also, I really did like 4.25 because the book tray (no I wasn't reading I had my Zune on it) broke off and knocked the key out wiping out my first 10 minutes.

5/21/11 - I rode the full 9 mile bike course just to get a feel and see how long it would take me. It was a rocky start with the first part being the hardest hill. I was cursing my sister-in-law's name and thinking the biking part would be the hardest part for me. I figured I'd make it up to the end of the first major street of it and turn around but once I passed that hill I was good, then there were a few more hills that made me want to cry/strangle SIL but over all it wasn't too terrible. I finished it in under an hour and I was good to go when I got done. I was even dancing to the music as I put my bike away and then went and hung with friends. Though I might not be able to sit for a week. My friend sent me a link for a gelly covering for my bike seat. I'm thinking $15 bucks is so worth it if it helps.

5/22/11 - Played on the Kinect with my nephews for 2 and a half hours.

5/23/11 - Swam for 40 minutes - was able to swim 8 full laps in 13 minutes but I think the lanes are a bit longer at the Wasilla High pool where the race will be.

5/24/11 - Ran a 5k in 49 minutes - well it was a combinations of running and walking, alternating 6-7 minutes of running and 3-4 minutes of walking depending on how fast I ran the stretch before.

I did discover a concern today. What if it's crispy critter weather the day of the race? I'll either melt or puff up like a cooked marshmallow. Or maybe it'll just take me extra long to finish as I sprint from shade to shade. Seriously though, the sun is a concern. I'll need to figure out how to account for it. Any suggestions?

5/25/11 and 5/26/11 - Went to the gym to swim but there was a power outage and the gym was closed Wednesday and Thursday. I feel a little panicky that stood two days out. But everyone needs a break and I used the time to go to Battle Los Angeles, which was awesome btw.

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