Sunday, October 6, 2013

Come With Us. We Can Go Anywhere We Want.

Have you ever experienced that perfect feeling where you’re completely in the moment, all the stresses and worries of life fall away and you feel totally alive and free? 

For me this happens most often when I’m listening to music, usually while writing or being inspired to write, but it can happen any time.  Watching a movie and feeling the emotions of the moment. Reading a book. Running. Surfing a wave... Wherever is that place for you.

I often feel transported by these moments to another world or another time. Maybe to a previous perfect moment. Many times I go to a point a few years ago when I was walking from the bus station to work in the snow, early in the morning when the world is silent and everything is white and fresh and new, untouched by anything. Trees covered in hoar frost, turning them sparkly and magical.  Wearing my headphones which keeps me in the world but feeling separate. Big, perfect flakes the size of half dollars falling down around me.

 (If you don’t have quite as vivid an imagination as me, or you just want to see a picture of a similar experience – check out the Let it snow post – to the right it’s the second one under most popular posts.)

The awe I felt on that day, my own perfect corner of the world was burned into my mind, my memory, my history. It’s a beacon that often helps to keep me going when things aren’t so perfect and not so full of wonderment.

Sometimes those places, those worlds, those moments aren’t even really real, but places I’ve created in my imagination either while writing or while reading about worlds another author has dreamed up.
If you follow this blog you might know that I love finding new music. Finding a good, new song can feel like the perfect moment.  Even better when you find a good, new artist. Awhile back I happened upon one of those amazing artists, Lindsey Sterling.  I LOVE her music. I LOVE violin music. Her music combines violins with all different kinds of music.

One of those collaborations is Come With Us featuring Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.  I’m not typically a fan of rap, but it’s not your typical rap either. There is singing, rap and violin which combined equals a total win! for my ears.

When I listen to this song I have many of those moments when I feel completely alive and free. Which is good, because the message of the song, at least to me, is about that exact thing.

The chorus sings:

Come with us. Come with us. We can go anywhere tonight. We can go anywhere tonight.
Just gotta come with us.

Come with us. Come with us. We can do anything we want. We can do anything we want.
Just gotta come with us.

Often times when I listen to this song, I feel inspired. Story ideas bubble up in my head, but also the idea for a blog series titled: Come With Us.  It doesn’t have to be big or busy, but any of those perfect moment, or perfect world that I have, you have to be shared as I did above and allow others to Come With Us.

This is a series I’m going to start. And I’m resolving to try and keep it going regularly. Committing to a post at least once a month.  Please feel free to share your moments and allow us to come with you, or simply just come along and enjoy the ride.

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