Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weight Loss Experiment – Update 3-1-10

Well I’ve been failing miserably. I have a treadmill at home which I love! But when I’m in Anchorage during the week I don’t have access to it. I could go out and walk outside but my brothers don’t live in the greatest neighborhood, so I don’t. I’d rather be plump than risk getting shot.

I had been looking into those new Skechers that are designed to help you shape up just by walking in them. Aptly named, Shape Ups. They are $99 on sale at Famous Footwear. I went to the one store in Alaska that carries the only Shape Ups that aren’t completely hideous but they were sold out or the non hideous style.

After checking back another time to no avail, my mind still hemming and hawing about the purchase. I ended up at The Sports Authority this weekend with my sister in law and my nephews. We ended up in the shoe section looking for soccer cleats for my nephews when we stumbled across the clearance section.

My sister in law is a runner who does marathons and now triathlons. We talked about several pairs of shoes and I decided on a pair of little boys running shoes. (I have very small feet.) Then we went to the exercise equipment department where I had an epiphany.

Instead of spending my $100 bucks on shoes that were likely just a gimmick and were not guaranteed to help me lose weight or shape up. I decided to buy something that would, as long as I put in the effort. I bought a Bosu Ball which is portable and easily toted with me to Anchorage.

The cost was just $18 bucks more than the Shape Ups and I’m already feeling the effects. (My bum and legs are a tad bit sore after playing on it yesterday.) So, now I have no excuses. I’ll keep you all posted.

(Pictures of my new goodies below.)


  1. Good luck with it! Not getting shot is a good choice any day of the week! :) I think you'll have fun with the BosuBall

  2. Yeah it is really fun, so I'm hoping that will help get me up on it every day!

  3. The BosuBall looks cool. I splurged and bought the Avia brand of those Sketcher shoes. I don't know if they'll help me tone up, but they sure make my feet feel good.

  4. Oh yeah, those Shape Ups are dang comfortable. If I was rich I'd buy a pair just for the comfort or if I had a job where I stood all day. :)



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