Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Hate Everything.

I was at the bookstore today. I’m there a lot. No really, A LOT. More than I should be really, probably. Anyway, there is this book that I’ve looked at several times but never bought. I usually go in with a purpose and don’t deviate too terribly from my buying practices. I buy one hardcover with my coupon and if I’m not low on funds I’ll usually pick up a paperback with just my 10% rewards program.

Today I was feeling browsey (it’s not a word but it should be.) Might have had something to do with the clerk being away from the register helping someone find a book. Having already picked out my typical books, I then found a great bargain on a hardcover I’ve wanted, picked out a couple books for my nephews, and decided I’d finally get the I Hate Everything book. It reminds me of my brother. He hates everything too.

At home I pulled out my recent purchases to add them to my spreadsheet. (Yes I have a spreadsheet for all my books. I told you I spend a lot of time at the book store.) I flipped through the little hate book and it made me smile more than it really should.

The author lists out all the little annoying and not so annoying things he hates. Like how he hates people who leave their Christmas lights up all year and then he goes on to also say how he hates that he doesn’t have the audacity to do this himself.

It reminded not of the things that I hate but of all the little things I love. Like people who leave their Christmas lights up all year, or the Christmas lights on the solitary tree out on the flats that someone took their own money and time to put up and change out the battery pack daily just so that I could have a little magic on my commute at Christmas. Mostly though it reminded me of how the simple things like a little book that makes me smile or finding a bargain or Christmas lights can completely make my day which is something I’ve forgotten a bit lately.

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