Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Aliens in Alaska?

I’m not sure if many of you know this, but I’m a complete science fiction and paranormal lover. Favorite movie of all times is The Abyss, second would have to be Serenity. The shows I HAVE to watch are usually found on Syfy or have sci-fi components, Eureka, Stargate in all it’s carnations, Star Trek (all but favorite being TNG), Heroes, TAPS Ghost Hunters (the original not so much the International), The Walking Dead, Firefly…. I could go on for hours.

Anyway, living in Alaska you’d think I wouldn’t get a lot of sci-fi experiences. Well unless you buy into that new movie with the aliens in Nome. I haven’t seen it. I have however had a few interesting experiences myself. Once, when I worked nights I was out walking my dog at 2:30am along with my mom. We had to walk the dogs in opposite directions otherwise they’d play and not do their business. About five minutes into the walk the sky, which in the winter was completely black, lit up like it was two in the afternoon.

The light only lasted a ten seconds, maybe fifteen but it was a bit alarming. I went running back around the curve of the street and confirmed that my mom also saw it. There was nothing on the news. I don’t usually watch the news but actually did for the next week. A year later there was a small article in the Anchorage Daily News about a space mirror that Russia was considering to reflect light onto Siberia. Maybe misaimed? I’ll never know if that was it but it’s certainly a good and legit explanation.

This brings me to the point of this blog. My brother and his friends had several experiences while out walking in the summer midnight sun. There was an invisible, unexplainable creature that used to buzz them as they walked.

It’s a mystery that has bothered him for years. Recently he came out to my house to visit. Both he and my roommate were outside in my yard. I have a few acres and a swamp which draws many different animals. While outside walking the dogs they both experienced the same invisible, unexplainable creature buzzing them.

After some research they discovered that there is a bird called the Snipe. It’s tail feathers make the “drumming” noise they heard. The birds can be difficult to see but are attracted to open, wet lands such as my swamp or my parent’s marshy stream. They found a sound file on the internet that matched what they were hearing exactly. Sure enough when they went back outside and looked in the swamp, there it was, in the swamp. Though the little thing was surely sneaky and was able to vanish right in plain sight.

So, while I still love nearly anything sci-fi or supernatural and believe there are many things that cannot be explained. My own and my brother’s personal unexplainable experiences have simple explanations.

Do you have any strange or unexplainable experiences of your own?

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