Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Deja Vu all over again?

I recently watched a movie that I expected to be awesome, but was completely disappointed in. The concept was really interesting and the trailer sold it in one light. But the actual delivery was entirely different.

I’ve been thinking about this same issue in the last few weeks for several reasons. One reason is because I’ve been participating on a website for writing and reading. It’s a wonderful site that helps encourage writers of all ages. Earning fans and being read allows them to gain the confidence to believe in themselves and receive feedback. It’s not a site for critiques, which hopefully they’ll find when they get to that point. But there are writers of all levels on there.

The site has some really great stories on it but there are also a lot of the same, done and redone over and again. So I’ve been thinking about how a story idea can sound epic but fall flat in the wrong hands or vice versa, a tired, overdone story line done well can be epic.

I have a secret love for exactly this type of overdone story line, (not telling which) and have avoided writing one myself because, well, I like to read them. They are a guilty pleasure. But I have decided to try my hand at it, if for no other reason than to write what I want to read. And I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to write this particular story line or any other saturated story idea and make it stand out from the throngs of mediocre or badly done?

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