Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bacon Spam!

Ah Bacon Spam, the most perfect meat to ever come in a can.

Your probably laughing now, thinking I'm joking. I'm not. Or you might be saying: "Well yeah because no meat that comes in a can is good." You'd be wrong again. Spacon as I like to call it, is so absolutely wonderful.

So you may be wondering why this crazy woman is yammering on about processed meat.

Well, I was just frying up some of this culinary miracle when I got sidetracked by the book I'm currently reading. (An Abundance of Katherines by John Green) And well some of my yummy spacon fries (slices cut into spears shaped like french fries only yummier) got a little too much face time with the pan. The wonderful thing about spam is that if this happens all is not lost. Unless you turn it effectively into charcoal the squishy center is usually preserved by the harder fried outer casing. So you can eat them anyways without much effect on the delicious flavor.

So in short everyone should try some yummy spacon today! Gotta run though my spacon is calling!

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