Sunday, September 6, 2009

An Experiment

The word of the day is: Brainz (I know it's not really spelled like that but for this experiment it is.)

So I was in the book store looking for suggestions on new books since the series I'd finished was beautiful and I wanted something different so as not to taint the feeling it left me with.

The book store clerk however continued to steer me toward any and every book that was of a similar topic and style. So I gave up and selected a soft cover of Pride and Prejudice and an "amazing" book that happened to be on the sale table. (I didn't read the back because it was only $3.95 so I figured no biggie if it isn't amazing. The sneaky bugger still sent me home with a book on the topic I was trying to avoid!)

At the check out he noticed my copy of Pride and Prejudice and mentioned a new book they'd gotten in that I might like. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Hmmm. Strange but I was intrigued so I asked him to locate it for me. To my disappointment they had already sold the two copies they had received. I purchased my chosen book and the wolf in sheeps clothing that he'd tricked me into and went about my grocery shopping.

While in the store, high on the prospect of a new world I'd get to visit with my new book, the experiment took form. (I can be a bit hyper. Ask my poor co-workers. I'm night owl with a terrible streak of cheerful morning person mixed in.)

Grocery shopping can be a boring task if your doing it right. Which I never am. So as I was selecting my banana's, Odwalla Superfood, cheddar popcorn and ground lamb. I found that with the idea of Zombies mixed in with my beloved Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy I couldn't help but get into character. I wandered through the store vocalizing my normally internal dialogue and adding "and Brainz" after every thing I said. Example:
"Oh I need banana's... and Brainz."

The other shoppers and store employees I'm sure all thought I was crazy, but I didn't care. The more I shopped the worse the compulsion became. I went home and shared my experience with my roommate and forced him to try it. Soon my little brother, best friend, roommate, co-worker and few nameless others were all hooked. Unable to escape the fun it caused.

I find that while grocery shopping its a fun way to quickly spice up your shopping experience or brightens your mood if your down, when said with the appropriate inflection, as if you were a Zombie and brainz were life. You don't want to say it loudly or you might be taken seriously and carted off somewhere unpleasant or sent packing without your purchases. Maybe just say it under your breath for fun's sake.

To get you in character. Here are some fun websites: I suggest just looking at the articles, very amusing. But if you feel the need to purchase something, tacticle bacon is extra yummy!

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