Monday, September 28, 2009

Falling down the stairs

Yes I did this very stupid thing today. I fell down the stairs this morning on my way to take the dogs outside. And while it is very stupid and pretty painful. (The doctor said I shocked all the tendons in my right leg and I'll be more sore tomorrow and the next day.) It is also comical.

When I got home from the doctors my roommate asked me if I were watching it happen instead of being the one it happened to would I have laughed. I'm going to give away some of my horrible character here. I thought about it for a second. Didn't need more than that to know that; yes I would have pointed and laughed instead of saying. "Oh my gosh are you ok?" But see, its me, so it's ok that I'd point and laugh.

He was trying to determine if it was only funny when my small and portly little dog does it. She is a wealth of hysteria and amusement to me. She has put on a sizable amount of weight and since occasionally misses the steps as she is running up them and hilarity ensues. I often point and laugh till I nearly pee my pants.

But I've had my share of point and be laughed at moments myself. Luckily I live on a little over 2 acres in a rural community so usually my only witnesses are my two dogs who handle it much more gracefully than I do. They are very concerned and dote on me till I lift myself up, dust myself off and get on with whatever I was doing. (usually laughing through the pain at what would have surely been a perfect youtube video had I been filming.)

So my question is does this make me a bad person?

Here is a perfect example of something I'd nearly wet myself laughing at.

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