Friday, September 11, 2009

Locked Out

I should be working on one of the two novels I'm currently writing, but I'm not. I'm here. Sore and feeling like writing about why.

So I was busily packing up my friends house since he found out this Tuesday that he has to be out by this weekend and he's out of town. His sister (my savior) was there packing stuff up. We loaded the bags of stuff in the back of my truck and then I went back inside to collect a few more things before calling it a night. She took a bag that couldn't get wet and stuck it in my cab.

I'd like to point out for the record before I continue that I never ever leave my keys or cell phone in the truck! (I wouldn't say I'm paranoid, but others might.) But I had because I was pulling boxes out so I just left them in because I knew the door was unlocked. (I'm kind of ocd about locking my truck so I checked and double checked that it was unlocked.) Well when she stuck in the foam bed thingy she either hit the door locks or the foam thing did. Then she left unknowingly locking me out of my vehicle with no way to call anyone. (yeah yeah I know neighbors. but that would be admitting defeat.)

I discovered this about 30 minutes later when I went to take the first of the load I'd gathered. I don't often cuss. But there were a few expletives uttered, and then a few more. I frantically searched the house for a metal hanger. (I'd already taken most of his clothes.) Luck was not on my side. I'd also taken most of his tools. A few more expletives later I scoured the garage for something to help me break into my truck. I found a leatherman and a political sign which had a wire post.

Destruction was now my goal. I bent and growled and struggled with it till I came up with a working plan. It was a good plan hampered only by my lack of tools and the design of the wire post. After many close but not close enough attempts I admitted that I needed something that would fit into the truck a little further. Swallowing my pride I went to the neighbors and asked for a wire hanger. Luck finally made a brief appearance. She had one. It however proved to be completely useless.

So I growled some more and discovered a hammer I'd missed laying in a scrap pile of electrical wiring. (said friend is an electrician) I went to work on my wire post hammering the extra parts down so they would cause me less trouble. It was now raining and getting dark and I was exhausted.

After much more effort I finally bent and broke the wire to my will and was able to finally hit the unlock button on my automatic door locks. (Thank goodness for wing windows on older trucks!) Now I can say I've broken into a vehicle. And all by myself no less. I'll be getting a spare set of keys made today... or maybe two!

So the moral of this story is: Don't help your friends! Oh wait. No, that's not it. Just kidding. It's don't ever leave your keys in your truck... and if you do have a spare set!

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